Way of life provides research and educational resources to support holistic health, community building and environmental sustainability. 

Mission and purpose

To increase the focus on healing wisdom in the form of inspirational art, environmental education and authentic communication.  Our purpose is to offer a lens that reveals the beauty and potential of life despite the complexities of our modern world. 


To provide a road map for people who are seeking to add more meaning and depth into their life journey towards individual and collective transformation

Endorsement  of Way of -life:   

Way of life's pursuit of social and environmental sustainability is inspiring and mandatory.

 positive and professional.  The authentic work and  focus on supporting youth, in particular, is a valuable contribution to our generations' quest for meaning and holism

 — Stephen Jenkinson, award-winning author, and international speaker —

Media coverage of Way of-life in the community: 


CTV News:

An appreciation event organized by Way of life for First Responders and Firefighters

Big Island Now News:

Creating youth literacy programs 

International Forgiveness Institute:

Supporting the forgiveness conference in Jerusalem

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